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Welcome to our donations page. This network offers a lot of services from podcasts, to Internet Radio listening options, and more. Unfortunately, all of this can cost money, including shoutcast, and web site design. Jared Rimer does do the web site design for the Internet Radio station that is listed on this site, and helps with maintenance with a fan site, and creating podcasts. If you want to make a one time donation to this network to help offset the costs in web design, thanks for podcasts, or as a thank you for visiting, you may. You can use the Paypal button listed below to donate. Also, find links to donate directly by credit or debit card as one time donations underneath the button. In either case, you will be leaving the Jared Rimer Network, and also note that this transaction is safe and secure. Both Paypal and our Freshbooks partner (linked below) are using SSL which make the page secure. Both have my name or the JRN's name in its pages.

If you would like to donate with a subscription, or you would like to check out our advertisement Network you can do that too. Our Advertisement Network is available for advertising your web site, products, and services. More info on the advertisements page.

Donations made by credit or debit card

We also now allow you to donate directly via credit card or bank account, thanks to our Invoicing provider, Freshbooks. These are one-time links, you can't subscribe to this service at this time.

Once you donate, you'll then be put in to the customer list for future services that we might provide. If you need our services, all we then need to do is invoice you for whatever you need and you'll be all set! If you then choose to subscribe to monthly invoices for donations, we can do it that way, and you can enter your information directly and check the appropriate box for recurring payments. You can then ask to cancel any time.

Please select the link in which you'd like to donate. If you want to donate a different amount, please contact the JRN and a link can be sent to you for your amount.

Again, if you want to donate another amount, please use Paypal or contact the JRN and request a link to be sent to you for the amount you wish. We then can add that to the available options to all. Thanks again for donating!

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