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Hello everyone. This is Jared Rimer and welcome to my Network of sites. This page will only have a list of everything I'm involved in. This will definitely make it easier so if I change one thing, I make a change to one major web page.

I hope you enjoy what you see here, and please contact me by telephone or contact form should you have any questions, concerns, bugs, or want to say hi. All of my web sites have respective contact forms if you're there, but this will make it easier for you if you don't remember what site to use to report something. Enjoy the site!

Some podcasts may be for those over 18. Please keep that in mind when making your selection. The web sites clearly mark which content is for this age group. If you find that a web site is not marked for adults only, please contact me through our contact form and let me know which web site so I may review it. Thanks very much.

Please select a link of interest now from the lists below, and enjoy your stay here at the Jared Rimer Network!

Sites and services of interest

The following are the sites and services I offer as well as podcasts and more..

This list was last updated at 10:57 10/15/2016

  1. Jared's Live Journal Read whats on my mind as I blog over there on whats up. For people over 18 please. There may be some adult content, however, I'll do my best to make it as clean as possible. Just be aware it is possible.
  2. The Jared Rimer Network information blog Read maintenance messages, notices of podcast announcements, or anything site related across the network.
  3., Web Design done right I had this under a different name, however, I've reserved it for this domain. This domain originally pointed to my network blog above, but it is now used for this purpose. Same basic site, new home.
  4. The Magnatune server page Learn about my Magnatune server and see some of the artists I have to offer so you can make requests on my Internet Radio shows. Now, including independant artists outisde of Magnatune as well.
  5. MENVI, bridging the gap between the blind and music MENVI, (Music Education network for the Visually Impaired) is a non-profit 501C3 corporation which helps get music and adaptations to our blind children and adults.
  6. The Michelle Dyer Memorial Since Michelle died on May 15, 2010: The Jared Rimer Network has launched this tribute web site in memorial of her. Check it out!
  7. Jared's personal web page My Personal web page where you can get links to different things I'm doing, and learn more about me.
  8. Jared's list of podcasts A listing of all of the podcasts that are run throughout the network and their links. You can get RSS info from the directory as well.
  9. Superior Software Level One Learn about some of what I can do, and charge to do. The web site is not extensive, and lacks web design and other things, but gives a general background on some of what I can do, and pricing is available.
  10. The Technology Blog and Podcast Learn more about what I'm reading, download podcasts, and converse on the stuff posted. Some strong language may be possible.
  11. White Cane Travel: Your One Stop Shop for All Things Mobility A site started after doing research for a company and finding it difficult to find things. Things will be added to this site, but it includes lots of resources already. We also have podcasts, and much more! Podcasts started the end of June, 2015. If there is a topic we should expand on, please use the contact form on that site to contact the team. Looking forward to your participation!

Social Media

The following is the social media list for Jared Rimer. As of October 2016, Social Media was moved to a separate section from the services and podcast section. Feel free to check out anything that interests you.

  1. My Linked in page My public linked in page.
  2. Jared's twitter page My Twitter page. Find out what I'm up to, and all that good stuff. Short messages are sent on what I'm up to, and whats going on.
  3. The Jared Rimer Network twitter status Find out the status of our web sites, and services when we update. No more than a few tweets a day if that. Will be low traffic from the team.

That completes the list of web sites, services, and social media links.

Family web sites

This section will list web sites that family have done, or web sites that family may be involved in such as schools, other networks, etc. We hope you enjoy the sites as much as they have putting them together!

Unless otherwise noted, all sites should be reasonably accessible. Most sites have contact links where you may contact the owners themselves for assistance.

This section of the site has been updated on July 15, 2016. Find any broken links? Please send a note so it can be corrected.

  1. A wonderful artist who can take a picture and turn it into a work of art. Beverly Rimer is available for commissioned work.
  2. This site artwork of Bearded Collies, note cards, Giclee prints and more.
  3. An old fashioned-type of doctor who listens to what is ailing you and helps you to heal your body and make it feel better.
  4. Beautiful Bearded Collies with a great lineage/pedigree. Watch for puppies coming soon!!
  5. This site is about graphic design, selling photographs of cool cars and more.
  6., web design done right A project I developed to get you started making web sites accessibly. Doesn't include images, as I thought it would be too hard to explain and since links could be embedded in links, it would be hard to do, but basic stuff is covered. It is just the barebones, but you could understand and develop from there. It is not to be made complicated, and code and other technologies do change. Check it out.
  7. talks about his business. The site has gone through a redesign as of April 2010: some links may still not work, but accessibility is now there and much better. Please report if there are issues.
  8. This site is about modeling, singer, plays keyboard and piano..
  9. Superior Software, Inc. Superior Software sells software that is designed for tax purposes. The programs are in DOS format. Look around, there's a lot more to see then learning about the software.

That completes the family web site section.

Web sites on the main domain

These web pages are to sites on the main domain itself.

  1. Whats new along the network? Find out what's happening along the network including podcasts posted, web site updates, etc.
  2. Our privacy policy learn about information gathered around the network as well as policies in regards to lists, E-mail, and more.
  3. Our contact/bug reporting web page Report bugs, say hi, whatever you'd like.
  4. Advertise with us! Learn about the advertisement service, and look to see whats being advertised. Information is given so that you may advertise here too.
  5. Donations page Things cost money. Feel free to take a look at donating to the network to help offset web development, Shoutcast, etc. for our network. Strictly voluntary of course, and much appreciated. One dollar can go a long way. We thank you in advance if you donate.
  6. A list of articles published around the web These articles may be longer versions of articles I've posted elsewhere, or completely different articles that I may have linked to blogs for those who only read the blog. Check out the list, lets start talking.

That completes the sites around the main domain.

No portions of this Web Page may be reproduced. Web pages within this network may have links outside the Jared Rimer network, and Jared Rimer is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies when leaving the Jared Rimer network. Also, some pages in the Jared Rimer network may have content that is suitable for adults only. Those specific web sites will have disclaimers where appropriate.